Technochimiki has already, from 2012, a contract for a new project for a research core drilling program of 10000m for the exploration of mining researches. This program is still running in the areas of Skouries, Fisoka, Madem Lakios and Tsikara mines.

The new Technochimiki’s project is the construction of a research gallery, total length 1200m, in the Mavres Petres mine at Stratoni. Project of the gallery, cross section 15m2 ,is the location of new exploration mixed sulphates mining reserves in the area in order to increase the confired mining deposits in Madem Lakkos Mine.

An increase is expected of mining capacity and the extention of feasible operation of the mine, which are included in the company business plan until the completion of the Hellas Gold’s investment in Olympias + Skouries mines.

The award of the project of the development of the research gallery, in Mavres Petres, to Technochimiki is important and express the trust of the company in the technical ability of Technochimiki under the very difficult excavating conditions of the tunnel into the unstable formation of the area.

For the completion of the project, Technochimiki secured, within the permanent cooperation with well-known mining machinery manufacturers, to equip the works for the excavation + support of the tunnel:

• 1x GHH Underground loader LF-11H with working load 12tn
• 1x Minimaster Underground drilling jumbo FN 1-7
• 1x Normet spraying machine Minimec LD 101
• 1x Normet Spraymec 9150 WPC
• 2x Normet concrete mixer- Untimec, cap 5 m3
• 2x GHH Underground Dumper MK-A20

Also, Technochimiki supplyees all other necessary other machinery equipment form their existing fleet of machines as well as trained operators, technical staff, laborers for the best and on time completion of the works.

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