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S & B May2011:

TECHNOCHIMIKI constructs as contractor the project of Bauxite Mines in Amfissa area. The project includes the following:

a) Access tunnels of Bauxite Mines. The tunnels excavated into Limestone and have a size of 30 m3.

For the excavation of the tunnels we use the drill and blast method. 

Drilling is made with 2 boom haudraulic Jumbo PARAZOGT. Loading of explosives is made with ANFO with NORMET HIMEC platform. Cleaning and transport of excavated rock is made with TORO 6 m3 loader. Scaling is made with NORMET Scammer 2000 equipped with pick scaler.  

In case of bad rock support is made with rock ancors with expansion head or resin bolts. In very bad rock we use spray concrete with NORMET spraymec 9150WPC. In some cases also steal arches are used to support very bad rock.

b) Bauxite production is made with room and pillar method and machines are as above.

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