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The PPC’s Lignite mines of Western Macedonia placed to TECHNOCHIMIKI an order for the supply of a new truck for the production and loading of emulsion explosives.
The superstructure of the machine, model TREADBED 15SS7+7, product of the company TREAD CORPORATION  USA , is mounted on a truck of the company MAN  GERMANY. The type of this machine allows mixing and loading up to 11 ton of ready explosives.

The truck including storage tanks of AN, DIESEL and emulsion MATRIX can be adjusted in order to produce either ANFO or mixes of ANFO with emulsion  (HEAVY ANFO) in various proportions.

Loading of explosives is done with a lateral boom which can load 2 series of bore holes diameter 4” – 15”. The operation is made only from the blaster which is standing next to the loading boom to control the accuracy of loading.

The truck selected by PPC is MAN type TGA 26.3206 x 6 with 4 wheels drive and crowd speed in order to move easily in every type of ground and particularly in the muddy formation of PPC’s lignite mines.

The training in operation maintenance and repairs of loading machine is undertaken by the TECHNOCHIMIKI’s Technical Department who organized the installation of the machine in the lignite mines of the South field for the excavation with explosives of hard overburden of Lignite.
The explosive produced from TREADBED truck is homogenous with continuous flow in order to be loaded regularly without interruption of the material.

The proportion of emulsion and ANFO together with the loading speed of the mixture could be regulated so to be able to load only ANFO in drive bore holes in quantities analogous to the volume of each bore hall.

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