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TECHNOCHIMIKI  in cooperation with SOILMEC has delivered to PPC 3 haudraulic drills model PSM 8 on track MERCEDES ATEGO 1524 4 x 4.
The rigs to be used by transmission lines department for the construction of foundations of transmission lines towers.
The drill PSM 8 has been designed to be able to drill either with DTH method or with ager. It has a tower with 5 m stroke and moves on 30 degrees angle to every direction to perform holes in correct position up to the required depth. 
The SOILMEC PSM 8 with the track ATTEGO 4 x 4 could be easily moved in rough ground with inclination up to 50%. So it is possible the approach to foundation position of the transmission towers which often are in mountainous area.

The delivery of the first PSM 8 made in Lygourio of Argolida near to the ancient theatre of Epidavros in an area with special touristic development. The landscape is mountainous with a lot of trees and presence of ancient and modern villages. Also, often we meet byzantine monuments and traditional buildings which create to the visitor a landscape causing emotions both in terms of aesthetic as history.

So, the new transmission line (150 KV) designed to supply the consumption of electric energy in the area is placed away from villages, in mountainous areas, where the environmental impact is the minimum possible. 
The electric line passes through valleys and mountainous areas in soft and hard ground. So, in relation to the ground the DTH tool or the ager drill is used.

In these very difficult conditions the PSM drill proved suitable since is able to correspond all in every conditions of the tower foundation. So, the cooperation of PPC with SOILMEC proved successful and one more difficult project of PPC completed.     

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