TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies the Greek market with complete series of equipment and consumables for the application of Spray concrete in Underground and Surface works. Equipment delivered from stock or after order ex our company warehouse and are products of specialized producers in spray concrete technology: NORMET, Finland and TORGLER, Italy.

The fields of application of spray concrete are:

   -Underground work’s support.
   -Temporary and permanent tunnel lining.
   -Support of excavations.
   -Geotechnical works.

Main equipment of spray concrete are:

   Trailer mounted pumps for spray concrete.
    Self-propelled machines with spraying boom of the company NORMET.
    Chemical additives of spraying concrete of company TORGLER.
    Steel fibers for reinforcing spray concrete. 

  •                      Trailer mounted spray concrete machines

TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies complete machines for spray concrete (Gunite)
mounted on a trailer or suitable skid for placement on the ground.              
Pumps are electric or DIESEL powered.
The concrete pump is product gives output from 3 to 30 m3 per hour.
The machine has dosing pump for adding accelerator in to the concrete and piping with suitable nozzle for the complete mixing of the accelerator with the concrete.

  •                      Machines with booms for spray concrete

TECHNOCHIMIKI as exclusive agent of the company NORMET Finland supplies machines with booms for spraying concrete.

NORMET machines are complete self-propelled with NORMET carriers with DIESEL engine.

Concrete pump is product of NORMET Company and gives output up to 45 m3 per hour.

The carrier has compressor with output 10 to 12 m3 per minute for the spraying of concrete.

The addition of accelerator to the concrete made in the nozzle with the system Nordoser 900 of NORMET which secure fix dosing proportional to the concrete pump output and complete mixing of accelerator with concrete.

NORMET manufactures the carrier type Spraymec in 3 models in relation with the dimension of the works and the customer’s request:


       -Model Spraymec 6050WPC

       -Model Spraymec 7110WPC

       -Model Spraymec 9150WPC