TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies Greek market with complete series of equipment for Underground and Surface works. Ancillary equipment supplied on order ex our warehouse and are products of specialized factories represented by TECHNOCHIMIKI.

    Main types of ancillary equipment are:

   Ventilation equipment for Underground Works of the company ABC. 
        Equipment for Underground excavations of the company NORMET.
   Transport equipment for personnel and materials of company GHH.

  •               Equipment for ventilation of underground works

TECHNOCHIMIKI as exclusive representative of the company ABC  supplies complete series of ventilation equipment for underground excavation works.
The ventilation equipment includes
-Flexible air ducts diameter up to 2,6 m.
-Spiral reinforced air ducts diameter up to 1,80 m.
-Fans up to 2 m and power 3000 kw.

  •              Equipment for securing underground excavations

TECHNOCHIMIKI as exclusive representative of the company NORMET, Finland  supplies machines for securing (scaling) of underground excavations.
These machines are rubber tired on NORMET carrier with DIESEL engine.
Main applications are in underground mines and tunnels dimensions up to 15 m high.
NORMET produces scaling machines model Scamec in different types in relation with the dimensions of the project and the request of the client.
The Scamec carriers are feated with hydraulic impactors  or with special scaling tool.
The Scamec models  are:
-Scamec 1000
-Scamec 2000

Main applications are in mines and tunnels of various sections and length of many km.

Fields of application of ancillary equipment are:

-Underground Works