TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies Greek market with complete series of equipment and consumables for blasting with explosives for the excavation in underground and surface works. The equipment is delivered from our stock or on order and are products of specialized factories in the technology of blasting with explosives.

  Fields of applications of equipment of blasting are:

-Excavation of underground works.
-Excavation in quarries and surface mines.
-Construction of technical works.
-Road construction, ports etc.
-Special works.

    The main types of equipment for blasting with explosives are:

    Fixed installations and portable units for Production and Loading of ANFO and Emulsions of the company TREAD CORPORATION USA.
    Machines for explosives loading in underground works of the company NORMET   FINLAND.
    Explosives, Emulsions and Boosters, etc productions of the companies : NITROCHIMIE, EXPLOSIVE PROGRESS, CELTIPLAST

  •               Equipment for production of ANFO and emulsions.

TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies mobile and fix installations for the production of ANFO and emulsions of the company TREAD CORPORATION USA.
The equipment placed on suitable track carrier in order to be complete self propelled and autonomous.
Raw material (Ammonium NA, MATRIX, DIESEL, etc) are loaded in the track in suitable parts of the machine and transported to the production site.
The production equipment is mixing the raw material in appropriate quantities for the production of ready explosive in the exit of the machine. With the suitable loading installation, the ready explosive is placed into the bore hole for loading. The fixed production installations of explosives have similar production capacity.
The products could be placed in cartridges or to be transported with special loading tracks until the production site.

  •                Machines for loading explosives in Underground works.

TECHNOCHIMIKI as exclusive dealer of the company NORMET, Finland supplies machines for loading explosives in underground works.
The NORMET machines are rubber Tired, self propelled NORMET carriers with DIESEL engine. Loading of explosive is made with special working platforms on telescopic boom or with lifting mechanism.
Loading is made with explosives in cartridges or in bulk. For explosives in cartidges special feeding installations are used. For bulk explosives, machine is equipped with pneumatic  installations for ANFO or with loading pump for emulsions.
The machines can have a compressor, if needed, or installation for production and pumping explosive emulsions.   

  •                             Explosives-Emulsions

TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies the Greek market with explosives emulsions, boosters and other products for use with equipment of loading explosives for Underground and Surface works.
These are products of the companies NITROCHIMIE,EPC, CELTIPLAST.
All above material supplied to the production industry with a technical supervision of TECHNOCHIMIKI.