For customer's service, TECHNOCHIMIKI has a well organized network for various services, as following:  

  1.     Warehouse for spares, materials, consumables and products.
  2.     Installation for production and packing of products.
  3.     Workshop for repair of machines and equipment.
  4.     Network for distributing equipment, products, spare parts and consumables.

The customer service department undertakes the inspection and certification of equipment and products sold by TECHNOCHIMIKI to the customers before the delivery. So, the quality, the quantity and the certification of the products delivered to the clients are assured.

The in time delivery and the proper way of transport secure the minimum damages during the delivery of the particularly high value machines and products sold by TECHNOCHIMIKI.
In every case, products of TECHNOCHIMIKI are insuranced in well-known companies, so customer to be paid in case of accident. After the delivery of material the Customer Service of TECHNOCHIMIKI follows the performance and the quality of equipment and products sold in order to assure the performance and the trouble free operation.

The repair, replacement, refurnish, technical instructions and other action are the more frequent services to be given by the Customer service Departement within its responsibilities.

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