Administration Sector of the company is responsible for the best coordination of the TECHNOCHIMIKI  personnel  and  for the relation of the company with the customers and public services.The sector has following department:

   1) Employers department
2) Supplies and purchasing department.
3) Public relation department.

Employers Departement (Human relations) is responsible for the proper selection of TECHNOCHIMIKI employers which has to be qualified in order to correspond in their duties in the maximum possible degree.

Supplies and purchasing Department undertakes the purchases and imports of the company to fulfill the quantities and specifications of customers’ requests and needs of the projects. Also takes care for the on time provisions under the best possible prices of the market. For this purpose has exclusive cooperation with specialized manufacturers in their field of activities.

Public relation Department of TECHNOCHIMIKI intends to maintain continues communication with the customers and their personnel to inform them and promote the company works and also to face any problem which may arise.