The Sales Department of Mining and Technical works  is the major sector of activity of TECHNOCHIMIKI established in 1972 under the trade name CHEMTECH LTD representing in Greece some of the main companies of equipment for mines and technical works. Among them was the companies: 

  •      Eimco-Secoma: Manufacturer of loaders and drilling machines for Underground Works.
  •  The company Eimco Secoma put in operation the first hydraulic drilling and bolding jumbo in the world in the companies Larco, Bauxite Parnas and Fimisco in Greece,contributing in the introduction of mechanization with increased productivity, safety and health in Underground works. 

  •     TRW MISSION: Major manufacturers of DTH drills in the world.
  •  Sold hundreds of MISSION hammers of all sizes in the Greek market, with customers IGMR, cement quarries, water drillers, mining companies etc.

  •    BAKER HUGHES:The biggest producer of tricon bits in the world.

CHEMTEC is the major supplier of rock bits for oil drilling in Greece. Main customers are ΝΑPC, D.E.P, IGMR and other companies for research and production of mineral sources.

TECHNOCHIMIKI established in 1981, and undertook the sales of CHEMTECH.

Until the year 2019 Department of Mining and Technical works being active in import, sales and operation of various equipment in the Greek market.

Today, the turnover of TECHNOCHIMIKI is almost 10.000.000€ out of which 5.000.000€ are sales of Department of Mines and Technical works.